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My name is Liz Marshlain, I am married and have two boys, a black Labrador and I am passionate about everything I do with STARRED PHOTOS. Trained and certified by The Photo Managers. I generally love using my skills and experience to help relive memories by providing organised support.
STARRED PHOTOS mission is to help you ‘remember the unforgettable’ and our goal is helping you uncover and refresh past memories that may have been lost in time.
My professional background as an IT Analyst has given me a strong technical understanding and organisational skill set. My photo organising experience started with my own photo archives, digitising old photos, slides and scrapbooks, organising images from old hard drives and bringing them all together into a central online photo archive, creating printed photo books to share the memorable photos. This service extended to Family and Friends and now STARRED PHOTOS is a full-time passion of mine providing local and remote services for anyone looking to rediscover old memories. 

Photo Services

Photo Organising

Today, your digital photos can be saved in several different locations (e.g. old photo cd’s, SD cards, old computers, iPhones, Google Photos, etc.).

Starred Photos can gather all your photos into one photo archive, remove duplicates, organise chronologically, make them searchable. Then create a back-up to ensure they are easily shared with friends & family.

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Digitising Photos

Personal printed photo collections are unique and precious. To organise and preserve these photos, we can arrange a home visit, so the photos do not leave your home. High resolution Epson scanners can be brought to your home, and your memorable photos can be digitally preserved without the stress of them leaving your home.

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family photo sharing
Photo Books

Tell a story with your photos by creating photo books.

Starred Photos can work alongside you to create a personalised digital photo book.

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Bespoke Photo Organising & Photo Books

1-hour appointment                                            £55

3-hour appointment                                            £150

Digitising & Organising Photos

We use high resolution photo scanners. Photos will be carefully handled with white gloves. This includes cropping, rotation, colour correction and individually checking in Adobe Lightroom post scanning. All digitised images will be saved with meaningful names and organised into appropriate folders onto a USB flash drive.


Printed photos scanned at 600 dpi resolution                                  £0.50 / photo

(1 inch stack of photos is approximately 100 photos)

Minimum order 100 photos

Digitising & Organising Slides

We use high resolution photographic scanners, using white gloves when carefully handling the slides. This includes cropping, rotation, colour correction and individually checking in Adobe Lightroom post scanning. All digitised images will be saved with meaningful names and organised into appropriate folders onto a USB flash drive.

Slides scanned at 4800 dpi resolution                                               £1.00 / slide

(1 inch stack of slides is approximately 20 slides)

Minimum order 40 slides

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What are the benefits to organising my photo collection?

There are many benefits to organising your photo collection. Some of these could be:

  • Bring memories back to life
  • Share photos with family & friends
  • Tell stories with photos
  • Free up space

How long will a photo organising project take?

Everyone’s photo collection is different. Photo organising projects can take between 2 weeks and 6 months to complete. This is dependent on the size of the project and location of the photos.

How much will it cost to organise my photos?

Everybody’s photo collection is different, and the overall cost is dependent on the type and scope of work to organise the photos. Any preparation or organising is priced hourly and can be bought in 3hr packages.

Why should I hire a certified professional photo manager?

When you hire a certified professional photo manager, connected to The Photo Managers, they have proven their expertise through advanced coursework, client recommendation, and have agreed to The Photo Managers Best Practices as well as following a published Code of Ethics.

How do you organise my photos?

We will work with you to understand how your photo collection is currently organised and what your end-goal is. We have a lot of professional equipment and software to complete the organisation to the highest level.

How do you digitise my printed photo collection?

We provide a photo organising service, using high quality scanners and include: cropping, rotating, and colour correction on every photo.

I’m a bit embarrassed about some of my photos!

Don’t worry – I can work with thousands of photos everyday so they are just files and data to me, I usually work with minimised thumbnails of images anyway.

What will happen to my old, printed photos once they have been digitised?

Old, printed photos can be re-boxed in labelled archival boxes, and stored within a living space in the house.

Printed photos, slides and negatives and should not be stored in airtight containers in the loft or garage, as they may start to degrade with damp or mould.

Why have some of my older printed photos turned red / orange over time?

Some older photos sometimes look like they have a red cast. This colour change has been caused by blue dye fade. Once the photo has been digitised, the image colours can be corrected to reveal the original picture.

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Accreditations & Partners


Organising Legacy Family Photos

Starred Photos really helped me sort out my photo and digital life!

With boxes of stuff around I never really had time to sort it out, but within a few hours, Liz from Starred Photos, had made sense of all the formats, especially producing a book about my Uncle who died in the War where my Mother had kept all sorts of memorabilia in boxes.

Future generations of my family can now share these memories in book form.

Being of a “certain age” it has been great to have all these memories safeguarded for the future.

Bob from Suffolk, UK

Digital Declutter

Great service & advice from Liz @ StarredPhotos.

I had photos stored on my phone, husband’s computer, various USB sticks & disks from the last 20 years, Liz took time to find out what I exactly needed, advised on the options available, collected & organised all my photos onto one external hard drive, sifted out the duplicates, & sorted them chronological into ‘years’. Something I would have never been able to do or more importantly find time to do. All my treasured memories brought together & saved in one place.

Thank you very much Liz!

Helen from Suffolk, UK

Photo Book

I had a really good experience with Starred Photos. Liz is very professional and was a great support in helping me pick out the right photos. She strikes a good balance of helping you put together your own photo book whilst making recommendations to make sure you get the right shots in the right place. She provides very good guidance throughout and has a sound technical knowledge that means the process is both slick and enjoyable. I was very pleased with the pictures and how the book turned out.

Claire from Suffolk, UK

Digital Declutter

I used the services of Starred Photos after a personal recommendation.  I had been meaning to get round to organising my digital photos and videos into one place and in an orderly fashion for quite some time, but never seemed to get round to it.  Enter Liz from Starred Photos! She took me through the process step by step and now all my images from lots of different devices over the years (which were in so many different places) are now in one place nicely organised and categorised.  I couldn’t recommend Liz highly enough if you need anything like this done.

Next on the agenda will be any creating a photobook and scanning printed photos – another few things Starred Photos are expert in!

Mark from Suffolk, UK

Digitising Photographic Slide Collection

When I first contacted Liz at Starred Photos the response was very professional. Liz listened to what it was that I wanted, we discussed possible options, and we talked about delivery times. Liz provided some ideas on how she could use new technology that I wasn’t even aware of. I had over 1500 slides that I wanted digitising all the way back from the 60’s.

After a short period of time, Liz came back to me with a quote, which included various options for how the digital copies can be delivered, whether online or on storage devices. Once agreed, Liz gave me a firm timeframe and how payment would be made.

During the work Liz kept me up to date on progress and where a negative was unusable she let me know. Where I had expected a negative to be spoilt, Liz used the latest recovery software to bring the picture back to life. The results were impressive, and delivered in the timeframe agreed, Highly recommended with a communicative and honest service.

Toby from Suffolk, UK

Digitising and Organising Printed Photos & Memorabilia

Liz at Starred Photos helped me transform a long forgotten box of memories into a digital library that I can now share with the whole family. She scanned and enhanced images that we hadn’t looked at for over 30 years. I now have organised images in folders with key words making them easy to find. She is extremely professional and is very talented. My first batch of images will be the first of many. 

Sylvie from Suffolk, UK

Digitising and Organising Printed Photos

Thankyou Liz for bringing my round the world trip back to life. The images are very high quality.  It’s wonderful to have all my photos digitised to share so easily with the friends I made all those years ago and to reminisce. In a spare moment over a coffee , I have a quick dip in to cheer me or have a laugh and it’s so easy to locate them using the useful labelling of each picture. And Thankyou also for dipping my toe into the water of photo organising – you make it look so easy, but it’s a real skill.

Renata from Suffolk, UK